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Born in Bangalore in 1986, photography has always been my passion. I took up photography in 2000 where I started as a dark room assistant in a studio and have since then dabbled with various forms of photography. I finally found my true calling in photojournalism and have been practicing it since 2002 as part of various publications in India. I have covered the political and social changes extensively, particularly in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. I see photography as a medium for bringing out the truth as well as for creative expression.

S L ShantkumarMy entries have won prizes at many national and international competitions like:

  • 2009 Canon photojournalist award
  • 2010 Shoot Nations International photography contest
  • 2011 Better Photography – Photographer of the year. This award was presented by Raghu Rai.
  • 2011 MCC Wisden Cricket Photo of the Year award. My winning photo was displayed at the Lords stadium throughout this year.

I currently work as a Senior Photojournalist at The Times of India, Mumbai.

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Street Rythm: Could you tell us about your background? How did you got into photography?

SL: To be frank, I didn’t have any formal education in the field of journalism. I was a school dropout and in my early days, started working as a tea boy in a local studio at Bangalore. With every passing day, I began to get deeper into the workings of the darkroom and my growing understanding of photography attracted me to it. It made me start taking pictures, to answer all the questions that were bubbling inside me. And in this journey I soon met my to-be-guru Sir Benedict, a photojournalist from Times of India, Bangalore. He provided me the initial break to get into photojournalism.

Street Rythm: Why street photography instead of other genres?

SL: Street photography is challenging dedicates to humans feeling.

Street Rythm: What makes street photography special?

SL: Emotions ,concept,and much more…

Street Rythm: How much you use post processing softwares like Photoshop to process your photos?

SL: No, I am not working in photoshop.I am jpeg man .I am always trying to keep originality.

Street Rythm: How important is gear? What gear you use?

SL: Gear is not important for me.Now days I am using Nikon D750 and Nikon D3x


Note: all photographs on this page, copyright © SL Shanth Kumar.

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