Muhammad Imam Hasan – emerging talent from Bangladesh

Muhammad Imam Hasan, born and bought up in capital Dhaka, Bangladesh, is currently working at Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital. Few days back we included his name in the list of Street Photographers to follow in 2016. Bangladesh has given many talented photographers to the world, and Muhammad Imam Hasan is one of them. We talked to him last week and here is what he said:


I started taking photos from last part of 2013. Then I discovered my deep interest about photography day by day, specially in street photography. I feel my deep interest to observe people’s activities from close proximity and freeze them in my frame and let it live forever. So far the journey has been so good; I look forward to go more deeper in this genre of photography. I completed basic and foundation course from photography school Pathshala of Dhaka and also attended different street photography workshop including APF one.

Photography is basically my passion and I used to spend week holidays and leisure time practicing Street Photography.  Deep passion and love force me out with camera. Most of my work is based on the city of Dhaka as I don’t get too much time to travel and shoot outside of Dhaka.
I love doing Street Photography because it is very dynamic; therefore the photographer is being challenged. You have to be observant, responsive, predictive and most often discreet in order to capture a candid moment.
I like to have busyness in my frame, with lots of subject moving around, including layers. In Dhaka, everybody is busy for life, people move around everywhere all the time, it’s a gift for me to capture in a way I like.
I am very much influenced by two of my favorite quotes:
“If your photographs are not good enough, you are not close enough” by Robert Capa
“If you can smell the Street in a photograph, it is Street Photograph” by Bruce Gilden
I like to go very close and I believe in one camera one lens theory.

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