Featured Photographer: Rudy Boyer from France

Last week we had an opportunity of interviewing Rudy Boyer, a talented Street Photographer from France. We take this opportunity to present you Rudy Boyer as our Street Rythms Featured Photographer.

Rudy Boyer is 32 years old and lives in Nice, in the south of France. He is responsible for a structure analysis laboratory in the Construction/Building sector. Rudy is passionate about photography and music, he has been playing jazz guitar for ten years. He started Street Photography in 2013.

For Rudy, street photography is the best of photography, what happens in everyday life, scenes of joys, sorrows scenes, often very lonely! but life! it is also a big playground where he can express himself.

He shoots 95% of the time with Fuji x100s et and rest with Nikkon D700.

For aspiring street photographers, he suggests, “Open the books of famous photographers, go out and train again and again, go towards the essentials”.

About future of street photography, he says that like any fashion trend and ease of taking pictures, and of course also through to social networks, there will be more and more people getting into street photography. Then fashion will fade and what will remain will be real passionate…

We asked him about his style. He thinks that its primarily a state of mind. With time and influences, the look is changing and the desire to excel becomes larger. What he decides to get on the net is only 30% of his photos, so he just tried to be consistent. Its never really easy for him.

Rudy takes inspiration from Saul Leiter, Hary Gruyaert, Alex Webb, Nikos Economopoulus, Abbas Attar and also from many many others on flickr and facebook.

You can admire his work on Facebook | Flickr | Website


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