Street Rythms Photowalk – Parvati Kite Festival

Last week Street Rythm team organised a Photo Walk in Parvati Kite Festival held at Taljai Hills, Parvati, Pune. It was a beautiful sunday with nice light and clear sky. The event witnessed participants from Pune and surrounding towns. Street Rythms Team Member and Photographer Dipak Kumbhar joined from Kolhapur for this special Photo-walk.

Photos by Dipak Kumbhar

kite 1

(c) Dipak Kumbhar

kite 2

(c) Dipak Kumbhar

kite 3

(c) Dipak Kumbhar


Photos by Nilesh Gawde

divine war

“war with deamons” (c) nilesh gawde


fly high

“fly high” (c) nilesh gawde


(c) nilesh gawde


Photos by Raju Javalkar


(c) Raju Javalkar


kite with boys

(c) Raju Javalkar